Who We Are

Our services start from Design, to Project management, Resource consent, Building consent, Subdivisions, and Construction.

Y-day design offer a total service – combining ongoing commitment to competitive pricing, sales service and advice.

Y-day Design is s a boutique architectural design studio based Auckland. we believe the best service starts with the right people and attitude. We have been involved with various projects all over New Zealand. We work closely with Planers, Urban Designers, Civil engineers, and construction companies.

Y-day Design is dedicated to maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with all our clients; with a thoughtful consideration on budgets. This means our process can differ from many other architectural practices. Our unique approach has a proven record of satisfied clients and successful projects.



We have a vast amount of experience with residential construction. We are not limited to one house or multi unit projects.


Commercial projects are a major aspect we are developing at the moment. We understand the need for being cost effective and on time delivery.

Interior Design

Interior design is an important aspect of space utilisation. Our team loves interior design. We love making your space a true reflection of your vision.

Project Management

We have a highly experienced Project Management team, with over 30 years of combined experience. We project manage land developments down to single house builds.